Saturday, September 20, 2014

Fresh Start

Well... I'm back... hoping to get this going more frequently but who knows because many things have changed! I am now the proud mommy to a baby girl, a season ticket holder to the  Buffalo Bills, teacher and crafter... and back to blogging!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful school year! I am hoping to share with you things going on in my class this year! Our school uses the Harcourt Journeys series and is in our second year with it! I found some pretty awesome resources on Teachers Pay Teachers!

The first story in our text is Henry and Mudge. Each story has a focus skill and for Henry and Mudge its sequencing. My favorite bundle to use for supplements are from Emily Education

Here are some photos of our "Mudges" we completed from her unit bundle!

So we basically went over the new vocabulary in the text, discussed the "Essential Question" what makes a good pet? and then read the story. After they read the story, students did a quick recall of story events and then had to sequence them. Each ear is what happened first and next and the last event is on Mudge's nose. I then let the kids decorate "Mudge" however they wanted : ) My kids are very creative!!


Friday, November 15, 2013

Back to School Night

So our back to school night was back in September.. but since I haven't been posting, I thought I would share what I did.. even though it was a sad night for me.

First I will share that it was so sad for me because I only had ONE, yep I said it.. ONE parent/ family come to meet me. Working in an inner city, I expect that not all, maybe half- if I am lucky will come. This one family came 30 minutes before the end of the night. I was disappointed because I spent a lot of time getting things together, and it definitely felt unappreciated. Nonetheless, as an educator, you prepare yourself for nights like this by trying to make it welcoming for families.. and so here is some pictures of what I did for the parents of my students:

I made souvenir popcorn with a Disney Label of course : ) I also made bookmarks for my parents to encourage them to read with their children. I also made the cover to hold the flyers I passed out to tell parents about classroom expectations, rules and policies. I also hand out any school flyers that are asked to go home on parent night as well. Sometimes I will save the extremely important ones to explain to parents. How do you welcome parents into your classroom? Better yet, how do you get more involvement? I usually get a handful of parents. This was my saddest year to date.


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I'm Back.. Hopefully on track!

WOW! So first I apologize that I haven't posted in a very VERY long time. Things have been crazy and I know I've said this before.. but this time, its for real! Between trying to get things going for school, being in a wedding, planning another wedding for my best friend and finding out my husband and I are EXPECTING our first baby : ) Things really have been overwhelming!  So I will be attempting to get back into my blogging and back into creating some great products for TPT (I have some ideas in store.. if I can ever get myself to start them). I figured I would post pictures of my Disney Themed Classroom. I have had a few people asking me what the room looks like and how I incorporate my theme into my room.. so here goes! Welcome to Disney World (in Buffalo!!)

This picture is what is right outside my door..
I had the stick people but I made them Mouse Ears! I also have each student make a "Mickey Balloon" to have the stick kids hold. I post my "Mouseketeer of the Week" as well as our "Bucket Filler".  My Mouseketeer of the Week is just my one student for the week who gets to be the line leader, pass out snack, collect papers, run errands etc.

This is my door! I will post monthly pictures so you can see how it changes throughout the year.. unfortunately I missed September : ( But this is October and I will post November soon : )

Behind my Door is my list of busses.. Next to that are my classroom rules, small group rules and emergency exit information 
I also have a group incentive called "Movie Star Points" each group is a different character and their group can earn points for being the quietest, quickest to clean up, ready to learn, etc. reward is lunch bunch on Fridays! CHEAP INCENTIVE : )

I have a class data wall.. at this point it was early in the year so we didn't have much information on it, but it was ready to go! 

Homeworkopoly- DISNEY STYLE : )
probably my pride and joy only because I recreated the game to go along with the different areas of Disney World and Disney Land : ) It makes me happy!!!

The next few pictures are of my Marvelous Mathematicians, reading area, writing board, small group table… 

The next few are of my entrance: Kids put folders for me to check homework in the basket, students also move magnets to tell where they are, my calendar, schedule and focus wall for Journey's Common Core : )

If you look closely, you can see Mickey Heads on the rug, my students each sit on their own "Mickey" so they have their own space on the rug.. these haven't been so successful as they are just paper and rip all the time… I haven't found a good way to keep them from being destroyed : (

These last few pictures are my word wall, the view of my room from coming in the door, my birthday wall, and my teacher desk area : )

Yes my teacher bag and lunch box are Disney : ) Thanks for taking the virtual tour of my room :)

<3 Jackie *

Friday, August 30, 2013

Back to School

So Summer is officially over. I start back at school with 2 conference days and then my students start Thursday! I am very excited to start the school year, but nervous as well. Schedules and student rosters are still not finalized. I have more than the allotted 15 students assigned to my 15:1 self contained classroom and no teacher assistants. This is nerve-wracking to have so much up in the air and school starts next week. I teach the children in front of me so I guess my only option is to keep plugging away : )

Pictures to come of my Disney Themed Classroom next week. I have just about everything ready to go : ) I also plan to try to blog about daily routines and other things that help make my classroom run smoothly. I am also always looking for suggestions of other ways that may make things easier : )

How are you doing with your school year? Sound off below to share moments you've had preparing or beginning of your school year : )


Sunday, August 18, 2013

What a crazy MONTH!!

So I cannot believe August is in full swing! I just finished summer school and I have 2 weeks before I go back to school. I have a lot to share with all of you!

I went on vacation to visit my brother and headed to DISNEY for part of my vacation! That increased my creative flow of DISNEY into my classroom. I bought so many things to use to help motivate my students!!

When we returned, my macbook took a turn for the worse and has been in the repair shop for weeks which has caused the hiatus from my blog : ( .... but now it's back : )

I also was one of the blog winners from the Teach Like a Pirate Book study I participated in! Gina over at Third Grade Tidbits was one of the hosts : ) It is an amazing book and I highly suggest you read it at your leisure. It helped me to infuse a new enthusiasm into my daily teaching life. This book allowed me to see things a little differently and sometimes we all need this!

I am also participating in the Teachers Pay Teachers  Back to School Sale!!! I don't have much in my store.. but I hope to add more items this year! Thanks for following me! I will be sharing before and after pictures of my classroom as soon as I can get into it and start prepping. We have to take EVERYTHING down before the end of the year... so I will be starting from scratch again. Cannot wait to share my room with you all!!

Jackie *

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Back in Action

So I am back.. hopefully on track! My husband and I took a vacation to Florida... and appropriately my classroom is Disney themed, we went to Disney. As soon as I got back, I hopped in to assist at the extended school year program through my district. I have not had time to clean or blog. Blogging is first (that's more important : ) ) So here I sit trying to catch up a little bit on a few things.

I have been working on a few items that I plan to share in a future post. I did want to post some pictures of my vacation just to get back into the swing of things! Thanks for welcoming me back :)

*Jackie <3

Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday Made It 4

So I am sharing another simple part of my Disney Themed Classroom for Monday Made It!

I decided this year to make a new title for my word wall that incorporated my Disney theme! I came up with...

I also made alphabet cards to go with the headers. Each vowel is in red and consonants in black showing both upper and lowercase letters....

And there's my word wall!! I also updated my birthday wall...

Each student gets their name and birthday on a cupcake...

And for one last part of my classroom.. my Schedule cards!!

I will be sharing more of my Disney themed creations when I return from my DISNEY VACATION 
: ) Enjoy!!

<3 Jackie