Thursday, December 27, 2012

End of the Year Sale : )

I am celebrating the end of the year by having a sale in my TPT store. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday everything in my TPT store is 15% off! Please stop by and stock up with anything you may need for 2013! Thank you so much!!

<3 Jackie

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


I really want to thank the few people who already follow my blog. It means a lot to me to have the support I do! I am planning a great giveaway with my friend Gina once I reach 25 followers on this blog, I am going to raffle off my favorite winter unit to teach in January and February: My POLAR ANIMALS Science unit. Gina is planning to offer Winner's Choice from her store as well!! So spread the word because once I hit 25 followers... we are going to celebrate by giving away free items : )

Jackie <3

Pen Pals

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays friends!!! Now that all of the crazy festivities for the holidays are almost over, I wanted to take time to share about one of the most fun and exciting things I am doing with my classroom this year. A very very good friend of mine Gina from ThirdGradeTidBits, we went to college together. If it wasn't for her I am not sure I would have made it out alive. I also need to thank her for introducing my husband and I back in 2007 :) To make a long story shorter, you understand my devastation when she chose to move out of state. I miss her terribly but thankful for one thing... my class and her class have become pen pals this year! I have no idea why it took us so many years to come up with this genius plan, but finally we went for it this year and it has been a lot of fun!

We set up our classes to have pairs. My class is a special education class of 15:1 (+ 1 student) and she has about 20 something. Some of my kids write two letters to two kids so each child gets a letter. We waited until October to write our first letter since we start classes in September and with all the beginning of year routines and pre assessments, it was much too crazy. So each month our class writes a letter to each other. We send little care packages to each other's class and the kids really enjoy that their writing goes to an ACTUAL PERSON!!! One of my kids couldn't believe that there was someone who was going to read their letter and WRITE BACK!!! This student then was so motivated to write!!

The first month, they sent basic letters telling where they were from and some things they liked. I sent Buffaloes molded out of chocolate for each child in Gina's class and I sent her some "todo" lists because she is lost without them : ) This month my students talked a little about snow, things they liked and/or wanted for the holidays. I sent them a book about the weather here in Buffalo! Check out the pictures below : )

: ) Jackie

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Today I take a moment to treasure the lives lost in the Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting. My heart and prayers go out to the precious lives lost much too early and the brave teachers who protected their students. I am proud to be a teacher and those teachers in that school who have lost their lives or lost a friend are soldiers. They were forced to endure the most traumatic experience but remained calm for the littles in their rooms. Today we honor everyone at Sandy Hook Elementary and have a "Blogging Day of Silence" in honor of those precious lives that were taken.

Jackie <3

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What's Working Wednesday : ) Holiday Infusion!!!

I am attempting my first "linking up" with one of my very best friends Gina over at Third Grade Tidbits!  My classroom is such a joy around this time of year. The first snowflake fell one day when we were at recess and one of my students yelled "It's Christmas!!!" They are such a cute group of kids.. I am so lucky!!

So basically I started using "Elf on the Shelf" in my classroom this year. I got this wonderful group of lessons from TPT hereMy students eat this up! The first day she was there they were saying she was fake. She's not for real. Then the next day they went to gym and I moved her across the room. I was copying in the room across the hall and heard them go back in the room and they were yelling "She moved! She moved!" it was so funny!!! She hadn't even caused any mischief and they were ecstatic! So now they wave to her and ask about her all day long.. If one of the kids is making a bad choice, someone else will remind them.. Glenda is watching! Funny they chose Glenda over Starlet. I gave them two names to choose from because I don't have a lot of implementation time. I am squeaking it in between all of the other new shifts we are doing from our district. It is so funny to see them get all excited about it. I can't wait till tomorrow when they realize Glenda wrote her name all over my classroom : )

Another thing that is working is this wonderful little website called This website allows you to upload photos and send personalized messages to a child from Santa. I do one student a day until Winter Break. Lucky for me I have a Special Education Classroom of 16 students. (I am only supposed to have 15, but that 16th kid brings extra fun!!)
The look on the kid's face for that day is priceless!!! Today the little girl who got Santa's message had her mouth wide open the whole time! She couldn't believe Santa would actually send HER a message. They love coming to school each day hoping that message is for them : ) Hopefully things are going well in your own classroom!!! Link up with us if you can or leave a comment below of what is working for you!!! I'll be posting about this award I received from thirdgradetidbits this weekend : ) Until then!! TWO MORE DAYS :)