Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Pen Pals

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays friends!!! Now that all of the crazy festivities for the holidays are almost over, I wanted to take time to share about one of the most fun and exciting things I am doing with my classroom this year. A very very good friend of mine Gina from ThirdGradeTidBits, we went to college together. If it wasn't for her I am not sure I would have made it out alive. I also need to thank her for introducing my husband and I back in 2007 :) To make a long story shorter, you understand my devastation when she chose to move out of state. I miss her terribly but thankful for one thing... my class and her class have become pen pals this year! I have no idea why it took us so many years to come up with this genius plan, but finally we went for it this year and it has been a lot of fun!

We set up our classes to have pairs. My class is a special education class of 15:1 (+ 1 student) and she has about 20 something. Some of my kids write two letters to two kids so each child gets a letter. We waited until October to write our first letter since we start classes in September and with all the beginning of year routines and pre assessments, it was much too crazy. So each month our class writes a letter to each other. We send little care packages to each other's class and the kids really enjoy that their writing goes to an ACTUAL PERSON!!! One of my kids couldn't believe that there was someone who was going to read their letter and WRITE BACK!!! This student then was so motivated to write!!

The first month, they sent basic letters telling where they were from and some things they liked. I sent Buffaloes molded out of chocolate for each child in Gina's class and I sent her some "todo" lists because she is lost without them : ) This month my students talked a little about snow, things they liked and/or wanted for the holidays. I sent them a book about the weather here in Buffalo! Check out the pictures below : )

: ) Jackie

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