Wednesday, January 23, 2013

a long break and a lot of stress!!!

WOW so I haven't blogged in seriously what it seems like an eternity. This can be due to the fact that since the holidays, I felt like I haven't had a minute to myself! So here I am hoping to kind of get back in the swing of things with just an update on some things going on.

We are studying Greek Mythology utilizing some new learning standards based off of the Common Core. As strange as it sounds (Greek Mythology & 7 year olds), they absolutely LOVE IT! I made a Greek Mythology Supplement to use as I am reading this myth found in my TPT Store. We read the myth aloud and do some vocabulary work on the first day. The second day we answer some comprehension questions and then complete an activity page. This may be an enrichment activity or just a review for students about the myth. My students are using such rich vocabulary it is pretty amazing! They can hold discussions with me using higher leveled words and I love engaging them in those conversations!

We just finished learning about bar graphs and line plots. My students are doing so well with reading representations and answering questions about graphs. Not to mention they love taking surveys and then graphing them!

I also had a student teacher start today! It is so refreshing to have an extra set of hands to help with the students. It enables me to work in small groups. I hope I didn't scare her off the first day!! Hopefully I will have a more exciting blog for you all soon. Unfortunately grades are due this week along with progress notes. Just getting through it all will be a miracle : )


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