Saturday, January 5, 2013

Starting 2013 off on the right foot!

Getting back into the swing of things is always hard. Especially for my little darlings after having a week and a half off from school and the snow falling outside. The first three days back were actually quite peaceful considering the above mentioned circumstances. I decided to take my time with our next "story" from our reading series and teach all of the skills over 8 days instead of the scheduled 5. I mean it seems silly to test on any other day than a Friday, so I decided that the extra practice is only going to help my kids! This week we are reading "Secret Life of Trees" in our reading series. I introduced the spelling pattern (oo) and we did one of the vocabulary words in our "wild about words" work. We also began learning about adjectives.

I saved this activity I found on Pinterest for next week to help my students visualize the OO spelling pattern for our words.. It looks very cute and I cannot wait for my students to dive into spelling patterns using fruit loops!

I also use this simple worksheet to help my students use their vocabulary words in multiple ways:

My students write the word in the first box. We write the definition in the next box and then we decide to write a few words that are synonyms or antonyms. We circle the choice and then we write a few words that are synonyms or antonyms. This creates a small word web for them to make connections with. In the last box we either do a sentence or a picture to illustrate that word. This page has been a simple tool to help my kids learn new words. They really struggle with comprehension. Being that my entire class has special needs, they need more repetition and practice. This worksheet is used for each set of new words each week. The kids really enjoy the predictability of using the same sheet for each word : )

We introduced adjectives and talked about what an adjective is.. Then I put the word winter on the board and we wrote adjectives to describe winter. The kids came up with chilly, frosty, windy, snowy, cold. They did a really good job of coming up with adjectives : ) The next day we made the "namebow rainbows" I found on Pinterest here. The kids absolutely loved making these and they remembered what adjectives were the next day! I call that a success!!  

I am working on a few new things for my TPT store. Check it out here!  Hopefully things are going well getting back into the swing of things in your classrooms! Share below how your week back went 
: )

Jackie <3

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