Saturday, February 2, 2013

Catching up is hard to do!

Well it has been much much too long  an eternity since I have posted. Things have been crazy hectic! I got a second job  for some extra cash, I am going to Albany this week for another set of Ambassador Trainings to work on Common Core, and I am hosting a Superbowl Party. I absolutely love football. I am a die hard Buffalo Bills fan and since we haven't made the playoffs in over 10 years, I don't get much to look forward to after about October (we usually know they aren't making it by then ha!).

 I am sure you have heard that tomorrow TPT is having a sale in Spirit of Superbowl Sunday. Please fill up your cart now and save anything you think you may need! (it is never too early to plan ahead because in the teaching world, you know you are truly "never ahead of the game")

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In other news: I had a student teacher start this week! So far she has been such a blessing. Since we just finished the mid year assessments, things have been crazy. I have trouble keeping up with all of the assessments so I am sure the kids were feeling the same. She was able to help me get some of my math testing and ELA testing done and I am sure if she hadn't helped, I'd still be giving them. The kids are enjoying having her!!

I am going to end this post on a funny note. I typically do not wear heels to work because they hurt my feet and because of the snow here, it isn't exactly safe. I had a lapse in judgement and wore heels because they matched my outfit perfectly. At the end of the day, I was trying to get one of the students in our building to head back to her room to get ready for dismissal. She was lingering in the hallway outside my room. As I was guiding her towards her room, I stepped and she didn't so my heel got caught in my other shoe and I face planted on the floor in the hall at dismissal. I was completely mortified!!!!!! Two of my girls jumped on my back and started petting my head!! I told them I am ok. I did not die please get off so I can get up! After everyone realized I was fine, we could not stop laughing!!! So yes I am ok. It is ok to laugh hysterically because that is exactly what I did! I texted my friend Gina to tell her what happened. You know someone is a true friend if you fall and they immediately share the same "funniness" you do instead of asking if you are ok! haha

Well my big spill has now been the talk of my classroom the rest of the week. One of my kids came in and told me "Mrs. Floriano when you fell it was like 'Boom Shaka Laka!' " I am pretty sure I have the funniest and cutest group of students!!

Enjoy your weekend! Don't forget to stop by my store : ) Hopefully I won't wait so long to post again!!!

: ) Jackie