Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day is Sunday and it creeps up on me every year. This year I came back from Spring Break with a plan.. TO GET THESE MOTHER'S DAY GIFTS MOVING! My goal was to plant flowers in cups early enough so they would flower just in time for Mother's Day. So step 1 was to get these marigold's planted. The kids had fun planting seeds and digging in my bag of soil. After we did that, we just gave the plants some TLC! They enjoyed coming in daily to find out if their seed grew at all. I love that marigolds germinate quickly. The kids were able to see success in a few days!

So this week being the week before Mother's Day, we started working on our projects again. I found the cutest Mother's Day craft on Pinterest here. So we got to work. I collected tuna cans from lent. I bought clothespins from Home Depot. We also of course had our marigolds still growing! Most of my kids get Occupational Therapy so the therapist was a HUGE help in getting these done this week. Check out the pictures below of the finished product. (unfortunately no flowers in time for Mother's Day, but we had great planting success as only one seed did not germinate!)

Do you do anything special for the moms of the children in your classroom? Share your ideas below : )

Much Love, 

Jackie : )

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