Monday, May 6, 2013

Oh My Pizza Pie!

We have completed fractions! This is a huge accomplishment because we used a lot of food references and honestly.. I am tired of ice cream sundaes, pizza, pie, cookies and sandwiches! Whew! The kids had a great time studying fractions though! We use investigations in our district and so it is often difficult for the children to learn the way the book wants us to present. As a teacher of students with disabilities, I know my students need more concrete examples of mathematics and so I deviate from the manual sometimes  A LOT! I take the lesson from the manual and determine what the objective is and then plan the lesson to meet the needs of my learners. Investigations also does not teach 3/3 as one whole and the new common core standards for second grade includes fractional representations of a whole. So I added that into my final lesson. We started off by reviewing 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 and how to illustrate a fraction using circles and rectangles (specifically from common core). The kids have done well with fractions considering we have kept everything related to food! We then broke up into groups and decided to MAKE PIZZA! This was a great culminating idea and the kids had so much fun!

I made a stop at the local pizza hut and asked for personal pizza boxes and they were more than happy to donate to my cause! I cannot thank them enough for their support in the education efforts!

Students then broke up into groups and started working on their pizzas. They used a key to help them choose their ingredients!

After students made their pizza they had to use a recording sheet to describe their pizza toppings. 

Students absolutely loved making these! We hung them in the hall and received many compliments from other teachers, parents and administrators that walked by! I have to give credit though because I saw this idea pinned on Pinterest. I am not able to find the original idea. If you have seen this and know the original poster please let me know so I can give the credit to the original creator : )

How did your students do with fractions this year? If you did anything fun comment below to share or link up to a previous post!! 

Much Love! 

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