Sunday, May 19, 2013

Singing the Sunday Night Blues

Another weekend has come and gone my friends. The nicer the weather gets up here in Buffalo, the shorter the weekends get! (or so it seems) There are still 23 days left in our school year which seems like in no time we will be on summer break! (Thank goodness) So I have been reflecting on how I can better implement Common Core and how I can really try to get my students writing more independently. I have decided that next year, I would like to attempt the class journals that most of you have been talking about and that I have seen on pinterest.

I have created my own pack on Teacherspayteachers to help other teachers implement class journals and Common Core writing. I am so excited to get working on these. I almost wish it was September!  I am glad I have all summer off to get things ready! If you are looking for a good way to include Common Core expectations of your students on a daily or weekly basis.. please visit my store. I have included 12 prompts for you to use. The labels go on a spiral or composition notebook.

How do you implement Common Core writing in your classroom? Have you used class journals? What works and what doesn't? Comment below! Hope you all have a wonderful week!!!

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