Monday, May 6, 2013

Welcome Back

Welcome back is right! I am trying to get back into the swing of things since I haven't posted in so long. Step one: Get rid of snowflakes. Step two: Welcome Back Blog! So here I am. Between working two jobs and trying to get things buttoned up for the state, things have been hectic and for that I apologize. 

Teacher's appreciation week is this week and my building is also doing a school spirit week. Today (Monday was RED WHITE AND BLUE) I don't own any red, so I went with pink.. but one of my students brought me in a lei of red white and blue flowers! He is so sweet : ) Tomorrow is Teacher's appreciation day and it is also twisted Tuesday at work. I don't plan on wearing my clothes mismatched and inside out because I have to match. I wouldn't be able to work if I didnt match! Wednesday we will be wearing sports jerseys or shirts.. I LIVE for this day because I have so many jerseys! I am not sure which one I will pick : ) 

The main reason I mention this is because I am taking part in the TPT sale for Teacher Appreciation. My sale started today and runs through Thursday. Stop by my store for some goods for your kids! Make sure you use the code TAD13 at checkout! Thank you again for sticking by me through the period of time I was MIA : )

Much Love!


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