Thursday, June 13, 2013

Arghhhh you a Pirate? Chapter 2 Immersion

In this chapter of the book, Immersion is meant to be to completely surrender yourself to your content and classroom. I feel like I try to do this, but it is incredibly difficult to rid your mind of STATE TESTS, DATA COLLECTION, DOCTORS APPOINTMENTS, ERRANDS, and everything else life throws at us teachers. There really is NEVER enough time, and as a teacher, your job is never really done. Dave is right though.. it is sooooo very important to completely surrender your attention to what you are doing in the classroom. You need to be there mentally and physically with your students. I have found the most engaging and memorable lessons are when I am physically doing the activity with the kids! I think they enjoy it more as well. Immersion is key to being successful : )  I think Dave did an excellent job relating this chapter to immersing yourself in water as a swimmer. I can definitely relate to that. How do you immerse yourself with your students? Sound off below and jump in on the book study with one of my very best friends!!

Much Love!!

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  1. I think sometimes immersion is the hardest one especially when the content is not our fav. At least for me.