Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ask & Analyze Chapter 4

This book keeps getting better and better! Chapter 4 was my most favorite thus far. I could identify with a lot of things Dave discusses in this chapter. I completely identify with the story about purchasing a new car. That happened to me when I bought my Toyota.. all of a sudden Toyota's popped up all over! I could also identify with the story about the boy drowning in the water.. I love that story! In the movie the Pursuit of Happiness, Will Smith's son tells this story at the very end. It's a great story. I can also connect with the fact that I need to get better at writing my ideas down as soon as I get them.. I get ideas on the go all the time. I NEVER WRITE THEM DOWN! When I do actually sit down to work, I most certainly do not remember them.. that gets annoying fast.

I also identified with the section on failure. Most recently I was teaching EVEN and ODD numbers. I had this great video I found on YouTube to show the kids and we looked at patterns, but they still didn't get it! I was getting so frustrated they weren't getting it, because I couldn't really get a better way for them to understand adding two even numbers will forever and always give you an even number. This lesson was crashing and burning bad!!! So to somehow save myself.. I came up with a rap.. yes OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD.. to help them just simply memorize even + even = even, odd + odd= even, even + odd = odd. They were able to memorize this and we moved on. As the week went on, I continuously explained the rap and had them say it and then I'd explain again. I am proud to say this saved my failure.. this rarely happens and I was glad to say I was able to save us! My kids love music and so I figured I would try the rap to help them!

Thanks to Dave I will continue to ask and analyze ways to create lessons to be engaging to students. Asking open-ended questions and forcing myself to be honest is a new goal for me. I am excited to start looking at things from a new angle!

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  1. Even with all my lists and notebooks and MY PHONE I still forget to write things down all the time. And we all know my memory is AWFUL haha.
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