Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday Made It

Now all of you that are on summer break have been doing this for a while... I however still have 4 days (today counts because I'm up!) till the end of the year!! I probably won't be able to post for another few Mondays, but I couldn't NOT share this post with all of you. I have been sooooooooooo beside myself with excitement and anticipation because well friends.. I'm officially a Disney dork!

My classroom is Disney Themed and this year I started to make some things, but now I have a better idea of what I have and what I want in my classroom. So I began to work.. I have these yellow book boxes that I got when I bought an entire case of folders from Office Max last year.

I decided I couldn't wait any longer to remake these things into something better and more my classroom theme! So I spray painted them black.. Used some red duct tape and put a two yellow dots and........

Tadaaaaa!! Mickey Book Boxes! This matches my theme perfectly for next year, as I continue to revamp my things! The duct tape reinforces the bottom since these are only made of cardboard. I can't wait to check out everyone else has been making all summer! I will definitely be lining up my projects for my time in the sun on my patio : )

Much Love! Jackie


  1. Jackie,
    I love those. I Amy have to steal your idea and do some for myself. I also have a Disney themed room.

    1. We should compare notes on ideas for themes!! How fun.. My Disney classroom makes me happy when I walk in the door : ) Have fun making these.. I had such joy getting them done!!

  2. I love them!!! But you know that. Now I wish I would have stuck with Disney theme.

  3. So cute! My former partner would love those. Maybe I'll make some for him this summer.

    I am your newest follower and fellow 2nd grade teacher!

  4. Wow. I would love to see pictures of the rest of your Disney themed room. It sounds fun!