Thursday, June 27, 2013

Teach Like a Pirate!

I enjoyed these chapters so much.. I plan on copying a few of the pages to put in my planner to help when creating lessons. What great motivation to use kinesthetics, People props and Safari hooks. I think the safari hook will be most useful for my students.. change in scenery but not change in pace. I also believe the kinesthetic hook will work wonders for my students. 

I am so blessed to work in a building with a courtyard where many plants and animals live and interact. I need to work to incorporate lessons in the courtyard more into my curriculum. My school is very small (we are only prek-2). This is a very attainable goal.

I am finding that during conversations with my co-workers that things they have difficulty with are a lot of the concepts that Dave talks about in this book. Once I finish, I will be passing this book to my co-workers. I really think that EVERYONE should be reading this!! 

Much Love,

Jackie : )

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  1. I'm wanting to do some safari-ish lessons too! And I've already texted my whole team that they really have to read this book!

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