Monday, July 8, 2013

Teaching Like a Pirate... Arggghhhh Falling Behind!

So between all of the summer chaos, I have fallen behind again! I am going to try to combine the last three scheduled posts into this post! I hope everyone had a safe and Happy Fourth of July!! Onto Dave Burgess and his inspiring book!!

Long Live the Arts!

I love this chapter! I try to include as many different artistic and musical infusion opportunities as possible. I created raps and tried to find songs about what we were learning because I think my ENTIRE class loved music! They would sing my favorite song: Call Me Maybe! I specifically had one student that had such a hard time remembering anything.. We listened to a song about being part of a community and this student remembered EVERY word only listening to the song once! It was truly amazing!

I also had one student who really struggled academically, but he could create a picture with incredible detail! I couldn't believe how amazing his pictures were! He was very detailed in all of his work. We work closely at the Buffalo Zoo and this boy loved to make pictures of the lions and giraffes.

This year was living proof that kids who struggle academically can succeed in art and music! This completely goes with Dave's chapter about the Arts and how important it is to include them in your lessons! Knowing this about my students, I attempted to incorporate these as much as possible!

What's in it for me?

In lessons where I am using sentences or story problems, I ALWAYS include my students names. This hooks them to the point where they just want to keep doing more and more practice so they all get a story problem about themselves! It is so funny just how easy it is to motivate my second graders by inserting one of their names instead of the name on the worksheet.

I have found that most of my students are engaged by self-centering activities. Every person likes to be recognized and something as simple as inserting their name into a story problem that could actually happen.. BAM: Hooked!

I think that it is also important for students to know when in real life they will need this information. This chapter was short and sweet.. Exactly to the point!

All the World is a Stage

 This chapter sums up everything I tell my student teachers about putting on a show. As a teacher we need to have control of EVERY aspect of the classroom. Dave puts everything in this chapter and explains it all so very well! I try to keep my classroom decorative but simple. I love how Dave talks about classroom set up for each lesson. Unfortunately when you teach early primary, you can't change your room everyday. I have found some easy ways to incorporate slight room changes by creating space for whole group, small group and independent work areas. This allows you to make subtle changes to engage students with simple lighting and special effects.

Stand and Deliver

I don't consider myself a public speaker. After reading this chapter, I can see why I should consider the idea of being a public speaker. I just read Gina's post over at Third Grade Tid Bits and I am terrified in front of adults also. I can do it, I have before, but I do get very very nervous! I am terrified when being observed and watched when I teach. I prefer to just be left to entertain my 7 year olds : ) I have become better at speaking during professional development opportunities and being in two weddings this year... and having to give speeches : ) I believe that it will only help me overcome the jitters I get. My students are much like Gina's. They LOVE secrets! They completely eat it up.. I go a little overboard and tell my students we have to shut the door.. no one can know our secrets! I get quiet and whisper and crouch down shut the door and turn off the lights like it is the biggest secret they have ever heard. This definitely amps up the engagement!

What do you think about this book? Chime in below or link up!!

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