Friday, November 15, 2013

Back to School Night

So our back to school night was back in September.. but since I haven't been posting, I thought I would share what I did.. even though it was a sad night for me.

First I will share that it was so sad for me because I only had ONE, yep I said it.. ONE parent/ family come to meet me. Working in an inner city, I expect that not all, maybe half- if I am lucky will come. This one family came 30 minutes before the end of the night. I was disappointed because I spent a lot of time getting things together, and it definitely felt unappreciated. Nonetheless, as an educator, you prepare yourself for nights like this by trying to make it welcoming for families.. and so here is some pictures of what I did for the parents of my students:

I made souvenir popcorn with a Disney Label of course : ) I also made bookmarks for my parents to encourage them to read with their children. I also made the cover to hold the flyers I passed out to tell parents about classroom expectations, rules and policies. I also hand out any school flyers that are asked to go home on parent night as well. Sometimes I will save the extremely important ones to explain to parents. How do you welcome parents into your classroom? Better yet, how do you get more involvement? I usually get a handful of parents. This was my saddest year to date.


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