Saturday, September 20, 2014

Fresh Start

Well... I'm back... hoping to get this going more frequently but who knows because many things have changed! I am now the proud mommy to a baby girl, a season ticket holder to the  Buffalo Bills, teacher and crafter... and back to blogging!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful school year! I am hoping to share with you things going on in my class this year! Our school uses the Harcourt Journeys series and is in our second year with it! I found some pretty awesome resources on Teachers Pay Teachers!

The first story in our text is Henry and Mudge. Each story has a focus skill and for Henry and Mudge its sequencing. My favorite bundle to use for supplements are from Emily Education

Here are some photos of our "Mudges" we completed from her unit bundle!

So we basically went over the new vocabulary in the text, discussed the "Essential Question" what makes a good pet? and then read the story. After they read the story, students did a quick recall of story events and then had to sequence them. Each ear is what happened first and next and the last event is on Mudge's nose. I then let the kids decorate "Mudge" however they wanted : ) My kids are very creative!!